Winner Winner!


Today  I met with the sweet and beautiful Marissa who is the winner of one my "Pots and Pans" giclee prints! Out of over 400 eligible Facebook fans, Marissa was selected at random to win the print.  I met Marissa a couple years ago during a work promo and I was extremely excited when I found out she had won the pots and pans print.  I love to do free giveaways of my artwork to my fans because nothing means more to me than the people who support me and my dreams.  It's my way of showing my love and support right back and nothing gives me greater satisfaction and accomplishment  then making someone else happy, especially with my artwork!  

I will be doing another FREE giveaway of a giclee print of my artwork when I reach 600 Facebook fan likes! Anyone who likes, or has already liked my fan page is automatically, and always eligible to win!