Grab Your Selfie Stick!

View and read the story behind Kait's second Andy Warhol Painting

After months and months of painting and then stopping, I finally got back around to finish one of my personal favorite paintings. In this second painting of my Andy Warhol series,  I decided to tell the story of Andy receiving a selfie stick for Christmas along with his new iPhone case that happens to be a replica of his Campbell's soup can. I've been asked multiple times throughout my career if I would ever paint the Pittsburgh skyline, and my answer was yes and no. I would say no because I didn't want to just recreate an exact replica of the city when there's thousands of photographs you can already buy of the skyline. I knew I wanted to paint it at some point, but I wanted it to be by my rules, and create it with something you've never seen before. To continue the story of Andy's modern day journey, I placed him on top of the gorgeous view of Mt. Washington overlooking the city. I mean who hasn't taken a photo of themselves on Mt. Washington?! I also made sure to showcase a piece of the new PNC skyscraper to show Andy's relevance in the year 2015 and on.

"Selfie Stick" Oil Paint on Canvas  

"Selfie Stick" Oil Paint on Canvas  

I'm so excited to keep creating different paintings and my own story lines in my Andy Warhol series. Getting the opportunity to create paintings like these are what I live and breathe for. They remind why I love being and artist and having the freedom to say what I want to say.

This painting make me so happy.

The original is not available for sale at this time but you may purchase prints through my store by clicking here.