Kait Is Now Booking For Live Painting At Events!

As the summer months quickly approaches, so does the growing number of parties and events. Everyone is looking forward to their parties and having a good time, but sometimes with the rush of all the events, they seem to just take over almost every weekend and blur together. I'm at the magical age right now where everyone on Facebook is either getting engaged or having a baby. Every summer my weekends become taken over by weddings, baby showers, or other events and gatherings to attend.

I've noticed now a days everyone is looking for the next best thing. Something to make their event stand out and better than the others. Out of all the events and parties you had to attend in a short period of time, which one stood out to you? All alcohol aside, which one do you remember the most? My cousin got married a couple years ago and everything he and his wife decided to do was out of the norm and non traditional. And guess what? It was my absolute favorite wedding I've ever been to, and all those little non traditional things they did stood out to me that I'll always remember. 

Now here's where I come in to help you become that event the people will remember for years. I'm now taking booking for live painting at events and parties and have something you haven't got to see at other events. Watch in person the behind the scenes of how an artist works to create the paintings that you love.  All paintings are done in acrylic so they are done and dry to take home at the end of the event. If you'd like to have me possibly paint and bring something that'll bring even more value to your event, please email Now get out there and enjoy this summer!