But First....Let Andy Take A Selfie

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So, I think it's safe to say this is definitely one of my favorite and more comical pieces that I've done. I'm usually pretty busy with commission work that I don't get much time to create new pieces for myself. I knew eventually I wanted to squeeze in a quick project for myself to keep me from going stir crazy, and also to have something new to put into shows and galleries. I feel it's very easy to tell which paintings I did for my own enjoyment compared to commission pieces I've painted. If you couldn't tell, I really enjoy adding humor and playfulness to my own pieces (as with "Flo" and "Yeah It's That Good"). They may not be the most likely to be sold, but the sheer satisfaction I get from getting to express my sense of humor in my art is priceless. 

The idea of the Andy Warhol painting honestly started out as a complete joke. My boyfriend and I were at dinner talking about my business and he asked me "so, what's next?" We started bouncing ideas off of each other of possible things I could paint next when it was made into a joke about how funny would it be to do a  "selfie" painting. Some way or another, Andy's name was brought into it. Perfect.

What better way to pay tribute to someone who liked to poke fun at art by creating art to poke fun at them. The idea of doing a painting of what Andy Warhol would be like if he lived in 2015 was brilliant and (to my knowledge) never done before. The play off of the past doing present things was the perfect twist of  humor I was drawn to painting. I went online and found the best picture I could find of Andy looking at you as if you were a mirror for his selfie. Since the original picture of him I used as a reference was in black and white, I wanted it to really stand out that he was taking a picture with an iPhone.  To emphasize the  focus on the humor of the painting, I decided to make the phone case in color. 




" #Selfie" Oil Paint on Canvas 19in x 27in

" #Selfie" Oil Paint on Canvas 19in x 27in

Not only are Andy Warhol's famous pieces known for being rich in color, but in my opinion, I couldn't see Andy Warhol having any other iPhone case other than his own artwork. If you've ever been to the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh, you'll definitely take notice that Andy sure loves to have his picture taken, which also played greatly into the idea of my painting. I chose his Marilyn Monroe painting for his iPhone case, not only because it is one of his most recognizable pieces, but because it's one of my favorites. Now that I had most of my painting ready, I still wanted to add a little more. The background in the original picture I worked from of Andy was almost all solid black. A little boring for a painting that's suppose to be so fun, right? Once again, I really wanted to showcase the idea of him taking a mirror selfie, so I decided to put a bathroom scene behind him. I absolutely love the twists and corks of this painting and I plan on painting more "Andy Warhol living in 2015" scenes in the future! Now... let's take a selfie!