Hail To Pitt 2019!

Another year has come to pass and another year of talented former Pitt athletes have come to grace my canvases. I was honored as always to continue my work with The University of Pittsburgh for the second year painting their 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees. Now that I’m living in Seattle, I feared I wouldn’t be able to continue my business in Pittsburgh, but the Yinzer Gods have looked down upon me and have let me continue to paint Pitt’s long lived legacy. You can’t get rid of me Pittsburgh. We have way too much love and history together.

This year we have another amazing batch of 12 Pitt athletes who have trail blazed their way into Pitt’s 2019 Hall of Fame class. Just like last year, each painting I created is on a 16x20in canvas painted with acrylic paint. Please scroll down and enjoy viewing this year’s newest inductees! If you also would like to see progression photos and videos of some of the paintings be sure to check out my Instagram Story @Paints By Kait.

New City, New Kait

So in recent news, I’ve been settling into my new home in Seattle! I’ve given myself some time to relax, but more importantly some time to play around with different styles of art to up my art game. I’ve never been one to be a “one trick pony”. I’ve always wanted to offer and cater different styles because not everyone has the same taste. I definitely became inspired by all the the incredible artwork found throughout Seattle and it’s galleries. I’ve gone into a few of the local galleries in downtown Seattle and really admired the beautiful abstract work.

Abstract Acrylic Pour Painting Kait created for her apartment. 3ftx3ft

Abstract Acrylic Pour Painting Kait created for her apartment. 3ftx3ft

I’ve always shied away from creating abstract work because I wanted to create a body of work with realism to showcase my talent, but abstract work is something that I personally would have in my own house. Now that I’ve been painting realism for roughly 10 years I want to start exploring with different styles and mediums. I have a large blank wall in my living room that I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to hang there. Maybe a mirror, maybe a piece of artwork? I thought it was silly for an artist to buy an expensive piece of art that I could create myself, but then again I didn’t know how I felt about hanging my own artwork in my own house. Kind of reminded me of the story about Kanye West only playing his own music in his home. I sucked it up though after I discovered acrylic pour paintings. I saw how popular they were throughout the galleries in Seattle, and I’ve always thought, “that’s something I’d buy”.

But my attitude is nobody is super human. If they can do it why cant I? Ok, Ok, look there’s some exceptions to that rule. I’m not going to be bench pressing 500lbs or joining the WNBA anytime soon, but seriously. Why sit back and be an envious person when you can learn to do it just like they did? Lord bless the internet that had websites on how to create acrylic pour paintings and even broke it down on all the supplies that you’d need to get started. I played around with small canvases first to give it some test runs. I bought a pre-made 3ftx3ft canvas and didn’t want to jump the gun and possibly ruin the canvas. Let’s just say I’M OBSESSED with creating acrylic pour paintings now. I also discovered pouring epoxy resin over the finished piece to create a thick glossy plastic coating that gives the piece a real high end look. I’ve even learned how to use a blow torch to the painting to create a cool lace effect in the paint. It’s just been such a nice change of pace and something different to liven me up again.


Coffee Talk

For my kicks I decided I wanted to try painting with coffee. I figured it would be easy, kind of like water color. Wrong. So wrong. I live in Seattle now where Starbucks is King. There's nothing more fitting than using only Starbucks coffee in its hometown. I went to Starbucks, order a tall black coffee and took it home with excitement and trust me, black coffee is not exciting. I’m a latte gal. I bought watercolor paper and decided on painting the city skyline with my coffee since it wasn’t anything too complex to paint. I’ve tried watercolor in the past and to be honest I find it challenging, but one thing i did know is you have to add layers to watercolors. I put my first layer on to create the Seattle skyline and all was going smooth. let it dry, put on a second layer and…. nothing. Let it dry, put on another layer, and nothing. Again. It wasn’t getting any darker with each layer and if it did it was BARELY making a difference. The whole point to separate the buildings from each other and create depth is to have some buildings light and others dark. It wasn’t working. I had to google coffee paintings to try and find some tips. Everyone online had said that painting with coffee was hard. Yeah, no kidding. So the solution? Starbucks instant coffee packets. You boil your water and add in as much of the coffee grinds as you need to create your color palette. It worked tremendously! One layer of the instant coffee mix was easily 5 times darker than 5 layers of just plain black coffee. I love how they turned out. I love them a-latte. Alright I’ll stop.