Kait Paints The Town!

South Side Steaks' Hot Sign for Hot Wings

Today, I painted the left front window of South Side Steaks located at 20th and Carson. Prior to starting the window, the owner and I collaborated on different sketches and designs in order to give him the perfect look and feel he desired for his storefront. We went for a yellow and red color scheme - not only to represent the South Side Steaks signature colors - but to make sure the window "popped," and was visible by passing cars and hungry people walking on the sidewalk looking to find the perfect place to eat.

I must say, I was pretty nervous standing at the top of a 12 foot high ladder for the first time. But, it's all in the name of art! For the window, I used both acrylic and house paints, finishing off with a polycrylic spray to help protect the window from sunlight and weather conditions. I like to use a mixture of both acrylic and house paint because it goes on smoothly and provides, in my opinion, a nicer ,long lasting finish than a tempra or a temporary window paint. 

If you get the chance, stop down to South Side Steaks, check out the window and try the Philly Cheese Steaks (and the wings, of course)!  Or, if you're interested in having YOUR window or storefront done, contact me for details! For more information on South Side Steaks and their menu, check out their website!